Ten years ago, the folks at Search Engine Land (including me) released the first edition of the search engine marketing Periodic Table. Since then, we’ve updated the table in a few instances as SEO has changed over the years. We did it again for the tenth anniversary of the desk – and I honestly suppose this model is the quality one yet.

SEO Periodic Table

Like each model, a ton of time and effort goes into rethinking the elements, ensuring the names, descriptions, and content are clear and useful. But extra so, we eliminate gadgets that won’t be relevant anymore and add new factors that can be now critical. Many people at Search Engine Land worked on this, from editorial, layout, production, and control, and I suppose we did it right. Like any of those, there can be a debate on why a few elements are left off, and a few pieces are missing. Or why are a few rated this and no longer placed that? But that is the laugh of SEO.

As Carolyn Lyden said, new things had been delivered, like a “new niche segment that dives deep into the man or woman characteristics of search engine optimization in 3 industries: Local search engine marketing, News/Publishing, and Ecommerce.”

There was even that time when Gary Illyes from Google used it as a useful coaching resource (optimistically in a great way).

On any occasion, it’s miles free to download; move here cli,ck on the download button, and fill out the form. The screenshot above is a high-quality vision model of the overall desk. Still, the PDF download has it all in excessive resolution with details on every element damaged.

Would love to hear your mind.