Beauty blogger Vika Chapel faces backlash after sporting a black face in a racist “chocolate venture.”14/07/2017 12:00 PM

CRITICISM: Vika Chapel

BEAUTY BLOGGER Vika Chapel has come below hearth for initiation racist, blackface-stimulated splendor challenge to her followers.

Chapel, who posts splendor tutorials to social media, shared a photo of herself and a friend on Instagram – each with half in their faces painted in a darker shade. “IDK if there may be a venture like this, but we have not visible it, so I’m calling it The Chocolate Challenge! Come watch us remodel into deep chocolate pores and skin tones from our pasty faded,” she wrote.

Chapel and her friend also modified their eye color in the photograph and curled their hair.

The blogger’s photo has since been deleted from the side of her different social media money.
A Blog Is a Relationship
Setting up a blog is easy and free, using WordPress and the many pre-formatted, customizable templates on their website. In my education, I teach clients how to install a weblog using WordPress and walk them through less expensive web hosting using the same host issuer I use for my blogs.

More importantly…

Blogs build a dating along with your readers. Blogs allow you to talk with your target audience on an ongoing, up-to-date foundation. In contrast to conventional publishing, with the comments segment, blogs provide the capacity for two-way conversation with your target audience. Your readers invested in you in methods different types of publishing don’t find the money for. This opens the doorways to endless possibilities and offers your readers an experience of belonging and sharing your journey and, accordingly, your achievement.

What else?

Blogs, via their very nature, are constantly selling. Unlike other websites, blogs are usually changing, attracting search engines like Google to work with them on an everyday foundation. Today, blogs are considered a stable and reliable source of information. The manufacturing of desirable, solid content will push your website online to an upward push within the search engine ratings, attracting more and more readers.

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Social media is part of regular life now for people. And, with the proportion features and talents, your blog, every put upon it, and readers can do without difficulty share each web page on more than one social media style, like Facebook and Twitter. Your readers do the advertising and marketing for you, and their pals and followers end up your capacity readers and subscribers.

As is validated, bloggers may be considered experts on their topics of desire, no matter their qualifications. They are judged solely by the power of the content on their weblog. This means all and sundry can proportion what they are passionate about and develop their weblog as an expert in their subject.

Most importantly, blogs will let you share your ardor with the sector, make money doing it, and do what you adore daily.

A weblog is dating. It connects the reader with you in a way no other website can.

A user comes to your website because your subject matter interests them. A user hangs around because, via your writing, they perceive you in some manner. This is an excellent advantage over other kinds of websites. With your paper, you may construct each choice and trust. The desire to have what you’re selling and accept as true with you as the expert. Do this, and you may make cash together with your web page.

So, how do you build trust with your target audience? By writing rich, first-rate content that reflects your passion. It would help if you were not tied down to create lots of content; you must have excellent content. Good content is critical. With correct content, you could put up on your weblog as little as once every week and make accurate cash. Remember, a weblog is a verbal exchange with your reader, so allow your style and ardor to come through in your writing.

As you grow, so will the comments for your blog. The capability to comment on content material on a website could affect your reader experience related to you; a part matters. Also, it carries the communication you started, supporting your blog to get observed and develop. And it connects your readers, turning your weblog into a community.

Another first-rate characteristic of blogs is that your readers can acquire an email with your new content material every time you submit. You do not need to rely upon your reader coming back to your blog on the way to see what you are sharing. Another top-notch relationship-constructing tool. (Feedburner makes this a simple method.)

How to Use Highly Effective Keywords for a Search Engine-Optimized Website

Last week, I wrote about the first seo ideas all marketers and commercial enterprise proprietors must know while representing their business plan online.

And because search engine optimization can be a complex problem, we would dive further into key phrases. After analyzing this newsletter, you may know the importance of keywords in your website. ThFinding and usingotent keywords to (or “intending to”) make your website search engine friendly.

The Importance of Keywords in Your Website Content

How frequently do you update the content material for your internet site? What about your blog? Has it been abandoned? Falling prey to the busy global of entrepreneurship?

The issue is that serps love new, cutting-edge, and precise content material. They pull the freshest and most suitable content material every time a search is completed.

So if your website hasn’t been up to date often, you may bet your competitor’s content material will rank higher than yours within the seek consequences.

To avoid being overlooked with the aid of Google and losing out on important natural site visitors on your website, it is crucial to update it often.

An excellent way to do this is by always adding a new blog article at least once a month; however, more often, it will get higher results.

To ensure you offer new and exciting content material for Google to index, use key phrases for each article focusing on a particular topic or issue.

Be Careful With Keyword Density

Adding keywords to your weblog and website copy is vitally vital for SEO, but a few humans can get a touch too overzealous and include a long way too many into their prose.

They write articles using a particular keyword a dozen or more times while aiming for high “keyword density” to allow the search engines to understand they’re concentrated on that word or word.

Unfortunately, this approach opposes the search engines like Google penalizing keyword stuffing.

Instead, penalize every content around one or key phrases and permit synonyms, variations, and so on to appear.