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by Carmine Brinson 4 months ago

A.I. innovation finds a home on mobile devices

SAN FRANCISCO — Innovative mobile apps married to an increasing number of powerful synthetic intelligence (A.I.) are swiftly getting smarter — making them even more helpful for users. These kinds of apps, showcased at VentureBeat’s...

by Carmine Brinson 4 months ago

Mobile devices to lift online video viewing

Online video viewing will upward push 20% in 2017, in line with Zenith’s Online Video Forecasts 2017. Global purchasers will spend a mean of forty-seven.Four minutes a day viewing motion pictures online this 12 months, up from 39.6 mins...

by Carmine Brinson 4 months ago

Snooze better with sleep tracker apps

Say your alarm clock jewelry in the morning and also you awaken ­unrefreshed. Did you go to bed too past due? Are you actually a night time owl? Would it had been higher if the alarm had long gone off 10 ­mins in advance and didn’t...