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by Carmine Brinson 3 months ago

Coding a new operating system for humanity

Since humankind’s earliest days, we have used testimonies to talk know-how, to shape our expertise of the world, prescribing behavior, and believe our futures. Therefore, the stories we tell and the identities we construct approximately...

by Carmine Brinson 3 months ago

Top 4 Cryptocurrency-oriented Operating Systems

HomeFeaturedTop four Cryptocurrency-oriented Operating Systems Top 4 Cryptocurrency-orientated Operating Systems JP Buntinx July 15, 2017, Featured TheMerkle Cryptocurrency Operating System TweetMining, storing, or staking cryptocurrency...

by Carmine Brinson 3 months ago

Zephyr: A Wearable Operating System

Wearable devices constitute simply one place of the Internet of Things (IoT). Health- and fitness-oriented wearable devices tend to dominate this area. However various form elements and gadgets offer the entirety from biometric measurements...