You had to have an advanced degree in nerd-communicate to get a WordPress template set up in the beyond. But these days, in MOST instances, that is now not the case.

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The purpose of this education is to reveal to you, the Average Joe (or Josephine), how to install a WordPress template that you’ve bought or gotten without spending a dime from the net.

I need to mention that I’m making three assumptions right here.

Assumption #1 is that you are web hosting your own WordPress website and do now not have one hosted for you via WordPress.Com (this is vital – however, do not worry. I’ll show you later a way to host your own WordPress web page that you can regulate without difficulty!)

Assumption #2 is that your web hosting agency installed WordPress for you (GoDaddy and Fantastico are the most commonplace). This will mechanically deliver your website online the “permissions” essential to make updates and upload your subject in WordPress.

Assumption #three is that the template you’ve obtained came to you in a zipper report. A zip report is essentially a collection of documents that would commonly be too huge (or too huge of pain within the you-realize-what) to add.

The icon for a zip file for your laptop sort of seems like a stack of books lying on their facet, the spines dealing with you. They’re continuing the equal coloration (on the PC at the least. I’m now not sure about a Mac): inexperienced on the lowest, blue in the middle, red at the top.

Don’t worry about doing whatever with these files! We’re going to apply them precisely the way they are.

Now for the fun element…

Step 1: Log into your WordPress web page (don’t forget, this needs to be a domain you host yourself and not one from WordPress.Com). This should take you on your Dashboard (however, you are probably familiar with this page, right?)

Step 2: Click on the little arrow next to the Appearance module on the left-hand side of your display. A series of extra selections need to the dropdown. One of these selections could be “Add New Themes.” If you don’t see it, do not panic. Instead, click on “Themes” and examine the top of the subsequent display. There needs to be an “Add New” button on the top of it that’ll assist you in uploading a brand new theme.

Step three: Assuming you are on the web page that asserts “Install Themes” on the top, click at the “Upload” tab just beneath the “Install Themes” kind on the top of the page. A new page will arise, asking you to discover the zip document for your laptop.

Step 4: Locate the zip record on your laptop, click on it, and hit the “Install Now” button simply to the proper. Now do nothing. Let the pc do its “magic”.:)

A series of status updates will inform you of what the computer is doing. For example, unzipping the document, and so on. Essentially, it’s putting the contents of the file within the locations they belong so that you can make the template paintings nicely.

But wait! We’re not finished!

After the display screen tells you that the template has been set up correctly, you’ve nevertheless gotta do Step five!

Step 5: You’re given three choices: Preview, Activate, or Delete. You might want to preview the template you have loaded simply to ensure it’s the proper one if it looks proper to you. Near that screen and clicks on the “Activate” tab.

Your WordPress template is now active, and those can see the result of your exertions! So how suitable does your website’s online appearance now???

There are a few cases wherein you may want to install the template through the FTP in some uncommon instances. However, except you get blunders when you install the template the way I’ve informed you and have exhausted tapping the knowledge of your pal who is aware of WordPress, I’d stay far away from logging into the FTP.

The capacity to “spoil something” in there’s simply too notable. And in my revel in, if you ruin something and don’t know what you are doing (that is genuine for computer systems, car restore, and pretty much whatever else in life), it charges mucho dinero to get it constant.

In the end, persist with the five steps you’ve got been given right here, and your web page will be up, running, and look notable very quickly.