There are a ton of reasons to consider making the switch from combustion to vaporization. Still, it can appear daunting to newcomers to find the perfect weed vaporizer for their preferences and needs. If you haven’t seen this quickly growing trend globally, this article will explain it and hopefully inspire you to consider changing your lifestyle.

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Why Is Smoking So Much Worse?

    Burning herbs releases THC but a lot of tar and toxins, which come hand in hand with combustion. When you combust plant matter, it is broken down so entirely that many extra harmful particles are released. The big difference when vaporizing weed is that the herb is brought to a specific temperature that transforms the key ingredients into vapor without burning all the plant matter into ash. By heating the herb, cannabinoids, and terpenes are brought to a boiling point and released as vapor before combustion occurs. As a result, there are fewer harmful toxins when vaping, and there is virtually no tar.

But Can It Get Me High?

    Yes, absolutely. If you vape at a temperature above 370 degrees Fahrenheit, that is. Many weed vaporizers allow you to control the temperature, and some people enjoy a little vape session or two without getting high. By heating your herb only to 350 degrees Fahrenheit, you can vaporize certain terpenes without vaporizing THC to avoid getting stoned. Besides that, vaping can get you just as high as a joint can, but a vapor high tends to creep up much slower. Since THC reacts differently with different cannabinoids, vaping different strains at different temperatures can yield interesting results. This is worth experimenting with if you want to enjoy other sessions for various reasons.

Try Before Buying

    Make sure you give vaporizers a test run before buying one for yourself. See if you like the high and the flavor because I’ve known many people to buy a vape for the health benefits, but they couldn’t get used to it, so it ended up collecting dust on a shelf, sadly.