Independent Pakistan

August 14, 1947, Sun rose and glittered the eyes of Muslims in their newly shaped unbiased country. Bloodshed was there, tens of millions of humans died, an uncountable number of humans migrated from India to Pakistan. A saturated system of management and authority turned into now been required to create stability amongst political, financial, and social elements of the brand new country.Image result for Post-Colonial South Asia in Contrast to Shaheed Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto's Life

Liaquat Ali Khan was crowned as the first Prime Minister of Pakistan. At the same time, Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah was considered because of the first Governor-General of Pakistan. In 1956, Iskander Mirza changed into liable for the presidency of the state. Moreover, he took the rate in office and persisted till 1958.

Upsets and Riots

Pakistan becomes divided into areas, West Pakistan and East Pakistan. Therefore, there was a majority of Bengali Muslims that migrated to the brand new u. S. A. However, a brand new clash started when most Bengali Muslims began the “Bengali Language Movement” in 1950, as they wanted Bengali to be declared as a reliable language of Pakistan. This turned into not feasible for the authorities to do as Urdu changed into the popular neutral language, which changed into understood and spoken via majority people of several communities, castes, races, and identities.

This constructed a social injustice experience in Bengali Muslims’ hearts and minds, and subsequently, they started out developing a hatred for the Pakistani non-Bengalis.

1964 changed into any other year of terrible happenings, and occasions whilst East Pakistan Riots were delivered. Muslim communities started out attacking the Hindu communities, now not most effective to loot them for wealth and money but forcedly convert them to Islam.

1971 became any other year of liberation battle, in which Pakistan was given broken up into pieces particularly, West Pakistan and East Pakistan (Bangladesh). Indian effects brought about this partition when Pakistan turned into under navy manipulate considering ultimate a few years of General Ayub Khan and General Yahya Khan, who turned into his successor within the yr 1969.

1971 – Separation of East Pakistan

A story approximately the people, who gave delivery to the dream of Pakistan, after which after twenty-3 years looking that dream getting killed with the aid of the navy rulers of the western wing became painful. The people of the eastern wing were denied labors, and they were denied employment; they have been denied for the voice of their personal affairs and possession rights. They stayed poor so that Islamabad could get rich and sturdy. With one’s riches, they create a strong, effective navy gadget.

In 1971, General Yahya Khan became compelled to pay attention to the voice of Bengalis. Bengalis had been expressed for the first time in the history of loose elections of 1971 as a separate identification. People of Bengal supported Shaikh Mujeeb-ur-Rehman, who was the leader of the Awami National Party. The Bengalis didn’t even realize the horrible fees they had been about to pay and the terrible crises they had been about to face. Moreover, General Yahya Khan and different politicians of the West pretended to barter with Mujib-ur-Rahman. However, the military of Pakistan protested a crackdown. General Tikka Khan, who was called the “Butcher” of this entire navy governor, on 25th March 1971, ordered the navy to move and overwhelm Bengal.

For the military electricity, faith has no meaning. The western wing of the Pakistan military killed each and absolutely everyone, no matter the religion, no matter a word being associated with it, that turned into “Bengali.” The western military killed Bengali Mullahs in the mosques, Bengali Hindus inside the temples, Bengali Christians and Buddhists within the church buildings. People had been burnt

to demise. Terror and violence became the order of the day inside East Bengal, and the reign of terror continued.

Furthermore, the west army believed that Bengal was a traitor to Pakistan. Women, youngsters, and elderly people were properly killed using the invasion of West Pakistani squaddies. East Pakistan, i.E. Bengal became a massive graveyard. The west Pakistani air pressure released combating jets to expand and create disgrace among the Bengalis and terrify them. However, due to this irreversible and unorganized ethical act of West Pakistan, the leader of Awami National League, Shaikh Mujib-ur-Rehman, raised the flag of Bengal high and declared Bengal as a separate and impartial kingdom of a separate identification than Pakistan.