If you have misplaced important documents that pertain to your life such as your birth certificate or social security card, it can cause great stressors in your life. These documents are often needed to secure a job, open a bank account, get health insurance or even start school. Without these original documents that were assigned to you at birth, your life can get somewhat troublesome. Most of the time, people assume getting original forms of a replacement birth certificate or social security card can be difficult. There are solutions however, on how you can replace these documents fairly easy. The most important thing to remember is once you figure out that you have misplaced these documents, it is imperative that you report them missing and start the process of getting replacement documents immediately. By doing this, you will be able to protect yourself in the event that your identity is stolen. Replacing needed vital documents can be tricky but by taking the right steps you can be sure to get them in no time.


If you have lost or misplaced your birth certificate or social security card it can be quite a pain. Not knowing where to replace this vital document can be even more stressful. There are a few different places that will assist in retrieving this document for you. You may also want to keep note that needing these documents replaced quickly may not always be the most inexpensive option but it is possible. If you need to replace these types of vital documents, a good place to start is directly from the source. To replace a birth certificate, you can contact the vital record office in the state that you were born. This is the most timely method, however, when you request a copy of your birth certificate you can request that expedited delivery takes place so you can get your replacement quicker. There may be an additional fee for expedited retrieval of your birth certificate but if you need it right away this may be a great option for you. If you have misplaced your social security card you will want to report this to the Social Security Administration as soon as you discover it missing. A trip to your local Social Security Administration Office will help you get a replacement card. There is a short application process and a bit of a wait to get the replacement in the mail but soon enough you will have it back. Keep in mind, there may be additional documents that you need in order to file for a replacement birth certificate or social security card. Make sure that you have everything that you need to prove your identity before requesting a replacement document. By visiting the direct source of vital records you will be able to retrieve both your birth certificate and social security card on your own.

There are also community agencies that can assist you get a replacement of your birth certificate and social security card in the event that you misplace it. In many states your local health department or department of public health can assist you. These options are often less expensive if you are considered low income, some health departments work on a sliding scale fee, so you may only have to pay what you can afford. You will want to call the agency of your choice first to see if you need to set an appointment or if they will accept walk-ins to get your vital records. These community agencies often work with the government so the turn around time to get your replacement document can be very short and you may be able to get your document before you leave the office. There are other community agencies that are more localized that work with the public in obtaining these documents. Healthcare for the homeless is a nationwide organization that have clinics on a weekly or monthly basis where they help the community get replacement birth certificates, social security cards and even state identification cards. The people who help with this option are often volunteers or are doing pro bono work, so the cost to you is often free. This is a great resource if you are on limited income but need these vital documents. There may be a wait for these clinics, so arriving early is imperative. Going through community organizations is a good choice if you need any special assistance to replace your vital documents.

There are also online options to replace your birth certificate or social security card if you rather go that route. The Social Security Administration website may be able to assist you with a replacement social security card if you fit their criteria. Keep in mind that children over the age of twelve that needs a replacement social security card will need to go to the office for an in person interview for their replacement card. There are also numerous websites that offer replacement birth certificates. Some of these websites will get certified copies, others will just provide regular copies. If you are looking into a website to get your replacement birth certificate, find one that offers certified copies, most places will not accept just a regular copy. The fees and turnaround time for these online services vary, but if you don’t need your document in a hurry it may be a great option for you.

Losing your birth certificate or social security card can be quite the hassle. When this happens there is really no way to truly prove your identity. By replacing these items immediately after you realize they are missing is very important. This can prevent identity theft and a lot of hassle. By finding an easy way to replace your vital documents it will hopefully skip any of your stress and go back to having these documents on hand whenever you need. To protect yourself for the future it is always good to keep copies of your birth certificate and social security card in a safety deposit box, safe, or filing cabinet that you have access to whenever you need. There are also document filing services that will keep these documents for you for whenever you need to retrieve.