The year 2017 is coming to a cease. The tree 2017 has nearly shed all its leaves, and it is time now not simply to turn over a brand new leaf but to nurture a new tree! 2018 is just underneath the floor, waiting to burst from the ground and take its place alongside (the quickly to be barren) 2017.Image result for The Past Is Gone, The Future Is Here

Three hundred and sixty-five days have come and gone. Plenty of water has handed underneath the bridge. The tides have changed – occasionally excessive, every so often low. Perhaps there have been floods at some point but irrespective of what, the river could not have gone dry. Even even though there may have been instances when it felt find it irresistible turned into dry, the river in no way ran dry.

The river ought to stand for each time and existence. As the famous pronouncing is going, “Time and tide wait for nobody.” Time is equal for everybody. Everybody had the equal 8760 hours that 2017 presented, even though some by no means had all of these hours, others may be ill or in a coma, and so on, but the point is each person loved time. Each day anybody became gratuitously given 24 hours, and now all that point has been handed. Nobody can go returned and do something all once more. The clock has run out, and the tide has long gone. The beyond is passed.

Time is cruel. It would not wait in case you’re old, unwell, or infirm. It does not care if you’re no longer prepared in your exam or interview, or if you have to satisfy a deadline and matters are not working out, or if the one that you love has shrunk most cancers and is loss of life or in case your salary hasn’t come through, or your check has bounced. Ready or no longer, it comes, and without you understanding it, it is long gone.

The identical is going with life. It does not count number if you see existence as linear (you live it as soon as) or cyclic (reincarnation/rebirth), the fact is, you get it best as soon as. In the linear version, it’s miles very glaring, however, so also within the cyclic version. Despite the cycle of karma and rebirth, you live every lifestyle most effective once. The regulation of karma dictates that your subsequent existence depends on the way you stay in this life. Therefore, exceptional significance is given to this life. There is no room for excuses or complaints. Everybody is born at a certain moment in records, in a positive area, and beneath certain conditions, but existence is equal. Each one will enjoy living differently, relying on his/her circumstance. However, lifestyles-in-itself is common to all; the particulars may range.

Everyone is born, lives, and subsequently dies. Someone stated it superbly: ‘Life is the dash that separates your beginning date of your demise date at the tombstone.’ No, remember how short or long a lifestyle you have lived, no matter the fine or the quantity you’ve got earned or the degrees you’re awarded, all of it is collapsed into that sprint between those two numbers.

Some whinge that existence is bigoted. Some people, they are saying, are born with higher possibilities and skills than others. I don’t genuinely take delivery of that declare. While there are differences and some privileged over others, that does not mean that most effective they (the privileged ones) can experience lifestyles and live it nicely. It is feasible for people to live satisfied and properly even in terrible situations. History is full of examples of individuals who did not let their situations dictate the nice and course in their lives. I recollect watching the story of a man who was delivered up in a ghetto with a lifestyle of medicine and violence. He went directly to upward push above the poor socio-monetary state of affairs and become a teacher, and paintings closer to teaching and rehabilitating the kids of his ghetto.