When it involves developing a new weblog, you have many options to pick from when selecting a running blog platform. Each platform has features that can be beneficial for all types of bloggers; however, an amateur, Blogger is the way to head. You may be thinking about why Blogger is an exceptional blogging platform for novices. There are many reasons, but the following are the primary functions of Blogger by Google that make it exceptional for beginning bloggers.

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Ease of Use

Suppose you’re new to the arena of running a blog, you want to find a platform so one can help you be creative while not having to analyze loads of code and spend a maximum of your time seeking to discern out how matters work. Blogger gives a platform this is high-quality for novices but with enough options to make it perfect for knowledgeable bloggers as nicely.


Many bloggers want to monetize their blogs in order to earn thru ad sales and affiliates. Blogger features a smooth monetization tab that helps you to integrate Google AdSense and Amazon associates programs. There are also smooth to use HTML widgets that you may use to consist of different kinds of advertisements and associates.

Unique Designs

There are hundreds of lots of templates to be had online for the Blogger platform. This helps you to without difficulty create a unique look for your blog. Download a format template from any site that functions unfastened blogger templates and adds it using the easy to manage dashboard in Blogger to make your weblog layout shape your vision of what you need your blog to be.

URL Freedom

With Blogger, you can decide to use a ‘dot blog spot URL free of charge, buy a website name on the Blogger site or use a site name you already own. This helps you to start with a free URL until you discover how your weblog is going to do, or whether or not it’s miles a blog, you’ll hold before you buy a website call for it. Changing your URL is simple as properly thru the settings options on Blogger.


The widgets that Blogger offer include the entirety of a sidebar calendar to news feeds and social community links. These widgets are clean to use and access from the Blogger dashboard underneath the design tab.

Blogging is a laugh and regularly profitable for plenty of people; however, whilst you are a starting blogger, you want to pick out a blogging platform a good way to provide you with a hazard to learn the way all the features of weblog paintings collectively to create a finished product with a purpose to appeal to readers. Blogger is a notable platform to get commenced on, and you’ll locate that the clean linking of all your Google money owed helps you create a stable Internet presence.

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