If gratitude is to become an addiction, it needs to be usually practiced.

1. Privilege to write down Newsletter other will examine
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2. Fan to keep us cool and provides white noise

three. Sleep

4. Thought of mowing lawns – help Mum and Dad

five. Ideas I’ll get mowing lawn

6. I can urinate and dispose of the pain of a full bladder in that manner

7. Fresh, safe water to scrub my arms with

8. Facebook browsing… Interest I revel in

9. Connecting with a friend’s world

10. Being able to see information for my blogs

11. Get remarks approximately how my article goes

12. Thought of my son waking up in 31 mins time

13. The books are packed!

14. I submit articles, and they may be so speedy permitted

15. I sleep with my spouse

16. Message from a mate that gives readability

17. Grass underfoot

18. Park throughout the street to walk around

19. The ball I determined and the talent I must enjoy it

20. The garments I’m sporting

21. The concept of time and introduction – being approximate to create imaginatively

22. My left knee cracks, but there is no pain

23. Cuddling my spouse in bed

24. Wrestles with my son, the fun we’ve

25. I can make breakfast for my son and lunch for my wife

26. I become going to pass breakfast, and my son have given me a bowl and crammed it

27. Being thankful for our meals

28. A snigger even as having breakfast

29. A vehicle and time which will run errands

30. The barista smiled his pleasure my way

31. I obtained and again the smile

32. Received a loose espresso once I did not count on it

33. The delight of giving my son a chocolate frog

34. God reminded me to hope for certainly one of my daughters

35. The manner my son says ‘trees.’

36. Watching him play

37. Listening to him sing while he eats

38. Him singing 10,000 Reasons with me within the car

39. Overcoming the temptation to leer at any other motorist

forty. Being able and inclined to help my mother and father with the family duties they can not do

41. Experiencing the desire that announces I don’t need or want thanks for assisting

forty-two. Realizing the therapy in paintings

43. The pleasure of setting up the order

44. Another revelation: the whole thing is a manner; i.E. Tying rope; respecting the process

45. Traffic postpone me I’m right here at God’s pleasure

46. Traffic postpone me, grateful I’m no longer the one involved inside the collision

forty-seven. Knowing that whilst I even have a sore again, I can pass and do many bodily things

forty-eight. Realizing how important expectations are inside the method of gratitude

49. Realising how grief is helped through gratitude

50. Realising gratitude is a process

fifty-one. Realising gratitude sown reaps persistence

52. Smoke alarm and RCD maintenance finished on home to hold it safe for us to live secure

fifty-three. In preparing to bathe, I determined myself searching at my bare body, and in preference to announcing ‘you want to shed pounds,’ I said to myself, ‘ideal, you’re looking much like you.’

54. Having clean clothes to put on and a totally generous selection to choose from

55. Having the wisdom to barter with my son to model take care of his needs

56. The sight of a business card rings a bell in my memory of a time of insight and mastering

fifty-seven. For the 2-dozen eggs, we’re given every fortnight

58. The super Lego creations my son comes up with

fifty-nine. For the telephone call from a chum that I just acquired

60. The idea I changed into given for a sequence on gratitude

61. For the mess my residence is in, that reminds me that it’s a home

sixty-two. The work my spouse has that brings in a whole lot wanted profits

sixty-three. Reminded that what God gives now not the time for ought not to be completed

sixty-four. Indecision is good while there are some options – choose one

65. Listening carefully to my wife share her paintings on day

sixty-six. She tells me approximately about the work methods, so I even have better context for her lifestyles

sixty-seven. Realising that making a listing of one hundred things in line with the day approaches, I am pressured to search for items to be thankful for about

sixty-eight. Listening to my wife examine my son; she is a beautifully expressive reader