The saying goes: “When it rains, it pours.” And it has sincerely been pouring down rain for online privacy and cybersecurity inside the beyond yr.

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From Russian hackers sifting thru Democratic National Committee emails to phishing scams at DocuSign to affected person data breaches at hospitals… It seems nothing digital is secure or sacred anymore. But ransomware, the modern-day cybersecurity hazard to hit the Internet, has even authorities agencies just like the U.K.’s National Health Service thinking their security features.

By now, you’ve got probably heard approximately the WannaCry virus. But if you haven’t, I urge you to check your Windows updates and examine up this new risk for your protection and privacy now. In brief, WannaCry exploits a flaw in Windows XP, a legacy operating system that Microsoft not formally helps. However, that is nonetheless used by many people, agencies, and authorities corporations around the sector.

By exploiting this flaw, WannaCry encrypts all the documents for your laptop and spreads itself to other PCs to your nearby network. And proper to the call ransomware, the most effective way to decrypt your laptop and use it once more is to pay the virus’s creator a unique sum or ransom.

What’s extra, new versions of this virus are already starting to pop up on the Internet, threatening to complicate subjects similarly and infect heaps more computer systems and networks. But one corporation is already at the forefront of fighting this new ransomware assault, and for traders, it is able to be an alternatively lucrative opportunity.

Patching the Glitch within the Matrix

The cybersecurity market grew to almost $25 billion in 2015. With the multitude of events cropping up in the past 12 months, spending is going to ramp up drastically, both at company and government levels. In truth, Research and Markets forecast that the cybersecurity market will top out at more than $ fifty-three billion via 2020, with annual spending increasing at an almost 17% fee over this period. And it’s simply in North America.

Global spending on cybersecurity is projected to attain greater than $205 billion!

That’s quite a piece of coins sloshing around and for an excellent purpose. Governments and organizations alike are trying to crack down on hacking and data breaches that threaten each countrywide safety and patron personal facts.

Amid the cutting-edge ransomware disaster with WannaCry, Check Point Software Technologies Ltd. (Nasdaq: CHKP) has emerged as a marketplace chief on the leading edge of identifying and disposing of such threats. Check Point is already warning clients approximately potential copycat threats from the WannaCry virus. The hacking network looks for additional methods to exploit this newfound hole in Windows XP operating systems.

What’s more, Check Point’s SandBlast Agent already has an integrated anti-ransomware era and is designed to replace routinely to prevent 0-day vulnerabilities from affecting your networks. According to Check Point danger researcher Nicolas McKerrall: “A person user cannot disable this safety, and regardless of their ‘security alternatives,’ we are able to hit upon, forestall, remediate and even get better their files whilst their gadget is under attack.”

Investing That’s On Point

Founded in 1993, Israel-based totally Check Point is not a newcomer to the cybersecurity scene. What’s more, with growing numbers of cyber threats emerging from the darker corners of the Internet, Check Point has visible a widespread boom spurt because of 2013, with its market capitalization more than doubling for the duration of this time body.

Looking ahead, analysts are projecting Check Point sales to upward thrust with the aid of 7.8% to $1.88 billion this year, and six.Eight% to more than $2 billion in 2018. Given the ramp-up in the quantity of excessive-profile threats up to now in 2017 and Check Point’s exquisite dealing with the WannaCry virus beyond a week, those projections can be a chunk on the conservative side.

CHKP inventory is buying and selling at highs last seen during the dot-com bubble from a technical perspective. Shares lately received a shot in the arm from a solid first-region income report and bullish media headlines surrounding the agency’s management in handling safety and prevention with the WannaCry virus. As such, CHKP inventory’s 14-week Relative Strength Index suggests that it’s now trading in overbought territory, and the stocks can be due for a close-to-time period correction, probably withdrawing to support at their 20- and 50-day shifting averages.

For those buyers looking to take a function on CHKP stock, promoting out-of-the-cash places might be one manner to financial institutions a few coins in your portfolio. Alternately, you can sell closer-to-the-money places in case you’re looking to call your charge for the shares and add CHKP to your portfolio.