It’s common to see a Grasshopper Mower at the grounds of the White House.

National Park Service floor crews used gadgets from the Moundridge-based organization for nearly 15 years, stated Mike Simmons, communications supervisor with the business enterprise.

On Monday, however, Trent Guyer, the company’s VP of marketing, stood next to a shiny new 0-flip radius mower parked in the driveway outside the Rose Garden, anticipating to satisfy President Donald Trump.

Biden marks LGBTQ+ Pride Month with celebration at White House

The forty-eight-year-old own family-owned commercial enterprises changed into representing Kansas at a White House event, spotting products made in America.

“The event highlights and celebrates American-made products and encourages other groups to manufacture their products in the United States,” in keeping with a news release. “Accompanying President Trump at this event can be the Vice President, Cabinet Secretaries, contributors of Congress, and members of the President’s Senior Staff.”

“White House grounds crews have used have used our mower in a few potential considering that 2003,” Simmons said. “It started in 2003 with snow elimination. It’s expanded to now we do all their mowing, snow and leave elimination, quite a lot something with grounds renovation on the White House.”

He suspected their lengthy dating with the Park Service, which keeps the grounds, caused the corporation’s choice as the only to symbolize Kansas.

“They’re acquainted with us; they knew we’re made in Kansas, made in America,” Simmons said. “It changed into a natural health with the message.”

“We’re commemorated to symbolize Kansas, sponsored via our enterprise’s highly professional personnel utilizing the brand new high-tech manufacturing,” Guyer, a third-generation owner, said in a prepared announcement. “Our realistic decision-making approach values lengthy-time period business viability and employment.”

Joining Guyer changed into Sean Mudgett, a regional manufacturing unit consultant who lives in nearby Pennsylvania.

Equipment presentations had been set up to the White House pressure and on the belongings grounds early Monday morning. Event organizers did a “take a look at a run” on Sunday to discern out in which the entirety would move, Simmons said.

“They described it as equipment Tetris,” Simmons said. “Besides our mower, there are several portions of huge gadget – a Caterpillar, hearth truck, forklift. Smaller products had been being displayed internally.”

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