UPSTATE N.Y. — Passengers taking rides with Uber can now tip their drivers, the trip-reserving app announced Monday.

Ride-booking apps in Syracuse draw drivers on exclusive trips
Ride-reserving apps in Syracuse bring drivers on extraordinary trips
A vegan cafe proprietor, the Somali immigrant, and a 52-year-vintage process seeker force the apps for their motives.

The apps have operated in Upstate New York considering late June. As many as 20,000 drivers are licensed to paintings for each app in Upstate New York and Long Island, in line with the Kingdom Department of Motor Vehicles.

Drivers are asked to replace or download their apps again and tap “take delivery of recommendations” while the app prompts them to. In addition, passengers will now have an option to supply drivers a tip at the quiet in their rides.

Passengers also can provide pointers to drivers who’ve given them rides inside the last 30 days, the app introduced.

And ultimately, the app will match suggestions given to drivers on Tuesday, July 18, as part of its roll-out of the brand new feature.

Before nowadays, passengers were allowed to offer tips to their drivers in cash, but the app no longer recommended they do so.

A spokeswoman for the app additionally promised greater improvements within the coming months.
Assertive Communication – 6 Tips For Effective Use
What IS a confident communique?

So why use assertive conversation?

All folks use aggressive behavior in instances… But, pretty often, while we feel vulnerable or unsure of ourselves, we may additionally lodge to submissive, manipulative, or aggressive behavior.

Being trained in assertive verbal exchange truly will increase the proper use of this kind of behavior. It allows us to swap vintage behavior patterns for another tremendous method to existence. I’ve determined that converting my response to others (be they paintings, colleagues, clients, or maybe my circle of relatives) may be exciting.

The advantages of assertive communique

There are many benefits of the assertive communique, maximum appreciable those:

It enables us to experience exact approximately ourselves and others
It leads to the development of mutual appreciation with others
It will increase our shallowness
It facilitates us to attain our goals
It minimizes hurting and alienating other humans
It reduces tension
It protects us from being taken advantage of by way of others
It permits us to make choices and free selections in lifestyles
It enables us to be explicit, both verbally and non-verbally, a broad range of emotions and mind, both excellent and negative
There are, of route, disadvantages…

Disadvantages of assertive communication

Others might not approve of this fashion of communication or might not approve of the perspectives you express. Also, having a healthy regard for every other individual’s rights may not always get what YOU want. You can also discover which you were wrong approximately a perspective that you held. But most significantly, as mentioned earlier, it includes the danger that others might not recognize and consequently not accept this style of verbal exchange.

What assertive communique is not…

The confident conversation is honestly NOT a way of life! It’s NOT a assurance that you will get what you want. It’s sincerely NOT an appropriate style of verbal exchange with absolutely everyone, but at least it is NOT competitive.

But it IS about preference.

Four behavioral picks

As I see it, four picks you may make approximately which fashion of communique you could rent. These types are:

Image result for tips

direct aggression: bossy, boastful, bulldozing, illiberal, opinionated, and overbearing

oblique attack: sarcastic, deceiving, ambiguous, insinuating, manipulative, and guilt-inducing

submissive: wailing, moaning, helpless, passive, indecisive, and apologetic

assertive: direct, sincere, accepting, accountable, and spontaneous

Characteristics of confident communique

There are six essential traits of a sure conversation. These are:

eye touch: demonstrates interest, shows sincerity
body posture: congruent body language will improve the significance of the message
gestures: suitable gestures help to add emphasis
voice: a level, nicely modulated tone is more convincing and perfect and isn’t intimidating

Strong “I” statements have three specific factors:

Tangible impact (effect to you)
Example: “I feel annoyed while you are late for meetings. I do not like having to repeat facts.”

Six strategies for assertive communication

There are six aggressive policies – permits study each of them in a flip.

1. Behavior Rehearsal: that is training the way you need to appearance and sound. It is a beneficial approach while you first need to apply “I” statements. It facilitates burn up any emotion related to an experience and permits you to perceive the behavior you want to confront accurately.

2. Repeated Assertion (the ‘broken document’): this technique lets you experience relaxed with the aid of ignoring manipulative verbal facet traps, argumentative baiting, and irrelevant logic while sticking in your factor. To most efficaciously use this technique, use calm repetition, and say what you need and stay focused on the problem. You’ll find that there’s no want to rehearse this technique and don’t want to ‘excite yourself up’ to cope with others.


“I would like to reveal to you a number of our merchandise.”
“No thanks, I’m now not interested.”
“I truly have an extraordinary variety to provide you.”
“That may be proper, but I’m now not fascinated in the intervening time.”
“Is there someone else here who could be interested?”
“I do not need any of this merchandise.”
“Okay, would you are taking this brochure and consider it?”
“Yes, I will make a folder.”
“Thank you.”
“You’re welcome.”

3. Fogging: this approach allows you teasily receive criticism, withoutng disturbing or protective, and without good manipulative criticism. To try this, you need to know the criticism, agree that there may be some truth to what they say, but stay the choice of your desire of movement. An example of this could be, “I agree that there are probably instances once I don’t come up with solutions for your questions.


Assertiveness is a beneficial communication device. However, its utility is contextual, and it is no longer appropriate to be assertive in all situations. Remember, your surprising use of assertiveness can be perceived as an act of aggression by using others.

There’s additionally no assure of fulfillment, even if you use certain verbal exchange patterns correctly.

“Nothing in the world can stop the man or woman with the proper intellectual mindset from achieving their intention; nothing on the planet can help the man or woman with the incorrect mental mindset” W.W. Ziege.