One of the terrific matters approximately the internet is how the things on it may theoretically remaining for all time. So if no one makes the selection to take it down, it could last there infinitely, as a sort of virtual museum oddity.Image result for Web Design Mistakes That Somehow Still Happen

However, it’s far much less funny when websites these days use these kinds of factors. The hundred distinct fonts, horrible backgrounds, and small, low-first-class pictures. How crazy to imagine a website in 2018 nonetheless using these elements. It does show up even though, and a long way more frequently than you might imagine.

With that during thoughts, right here are five Terrible Web Design mistakes that even a talented internet layout professional will make every so often. Suffice to say, if your website uses any of those elements, it could be time to think about an update.

Garnish Colours

I would love to assume that internet builders have found plenty approximately shade theory within the beyond twenty years and for the maximum element they have. The use of complementary hues, regularly subtle or pastel hues that assist upload a visual aptitude to a design, is now the norm.
Then there may be websites that assume color is the most important issue of an internet site, extra so than content. These websites then pass and shove it for your face. Websites with vivid red or garish green layouts. These websites are a visual nightmare, and no web design expert might make these selections, so we can only desire pushy customers cause them.

Too Many Fonts

The right desire of font can do loads for a piece of text. It can be provided in a professional way (Arial), possibly with more person (Papyrus), or it could be cartoony to attraction to children (Comic Sans), even as Sans Serif fonts are theoretically less difficult to examine on-monitors.
With most of these possibilities, it may be difficult to understand which to pick out. And what in case you want an exceptional which means for every piece of text on-display? Why use 30 different fonts on the route!

No. Do no longer do this. I became using sarcasm to demonstrate a point. Too many fonts on-screen can be complicated to peer as each style is combating for attention. The textual content itself loses any float it has as your eyes sore from font to font, rather than focusing on the content material itself.


Music on websites is one of the most memorable components of websites from the early 2000s. MySpace turned into the maximum prominent of the offenders, with the potential to feature your very own music for your profile. The idea becomes to assist give traffic an idea of who you are and what your character is.
People did this for years, no matter understanding that any time they went onto someone else’s profile, the first thing they did change into the turn off whatever awful track became playing. Adding tune to your web page is distracting, and something you select is not going to attract every (or any) visitor you get. Most importantly, but, is that it modifications the user’s first concept from:

“What an adorable website. What have to I observe first?” into

“How on this planet do I turn this dreadful track of?”

That is called “Starting on the wrong foot.”


As I mentioned on the Space Jam internet site, it has a dreadful space heritage, with bright stars distracting you. Well, bet what? That sort of background continues to be being used. The space theme is definitely much less not unusual, but darkish heritage with repeating styles still exists on a large number of websites. They are distracting, and even if the pattern is fabricated from the commercial enterprise logo, it ruins the format and topic and looks unimaginably juvenile.
A history should normally be a block shade, normally pastel or dwindled. This then highlights and compliments the contents, in place of preventing with it for attention.

Confusing navigation:

Augmented Reality Games (ARGs) are played online, often on seemingly harmless websites. ARGs are a story spanning a couple of websites. Readers have to have interacted with the websites, dig around, solving puzzles along the way to retain the story. For these games to work, the website navigation is intentionally awkward as it creates a challenge for the players to remedy.
Unless your website is jogging an ARG, and I quite doubt that it’s miles, then you definitely have to have easy, easy navigation. Your customers aren’t engaged with the internet site but and will discover no delight in suffering to locate the segment of your website they want. Any net design professional well worth their salt has to create you an easy website design that accentuates an easy and enjoyable User Experience.