Prospective and new bloggers nonetheless get stressed about what running a blog platform to use. There are several options for the high-quality running of a blog platform to apply in the blogging industry. However, two structures might be broadly used. Blogger.Com and WordPress.Org.

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Blogger.Com has many benefits. These consist of:

1. Easy for brand-spanking new bloggers to apply.

Setting up the weblog is very simple. It is just a count number of following some prompts.

2. No need to install anything

This is very good for the non-techies.

3. Free to apply

As a newbie, this platform is a superb place to begin. No unique skills are needed, and no rate is required to use them.

4. Domain Name is unfastened

When using this platform, you choose a site called. Initially, the device will test if someone is already using it. If none, you get to use your preferred area call.

5. Ease in Posting

Writing a submission is quite easy. It is much like typing on a phrase record.

6. The theme is simple to Change

If unsure of how the weblog appears, you could effortlessly trade it in seconds. This allows new bloggers to have a feel for the exceptional opportunities and alternatives within the designs or the topic.

7. One dashboard

All of your blogs can be accessed through one display or dashboard. This permits the clean management of all your blogs.

These are some of the Disadvantages of using Blogger.Com:

1. Limited Flexibility

Most blogs appear and feel the same, as there are just a few designs and themes. This approach isn’t clean enough to differentiate you from the alternative bloggers and does not allow you to shine in your area of interest.

2. Domain Name is Long

As Blogger hosts your weblog, your area name may even consist of their brand, consisting of:

in place of the best, that is
. Your feasible clients will easily recognize that your weblog is hosted in Blogger for free.
Three. Blog ownership remains with the Blogger.

You do now not very own your blogger weblog. It means that if the Blogger sooner or later shuts down, it holds all of your content and the whole lot else on your blog. You could lose the complete blog unless you have a returned item elsewhere. If a blogger decides they do not like your weblog, they could close it down whenever.