Last yr, Ben Affleck Jav Leech changed into the internet’s unhappy boy.

The comic story began whilst Yahoo! Movies requested Affleck and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice co-superstar Henry Cavill about the poor response the film acquired from critics. While Cavill started to reply, Affleck regarded down and spaced-out, a look that many took to count on the actor turned into saddened via the query. It has become a comic story, with remixes of the video featuring Simon and Garfunkel’s “Sound of Silence” in history. Affleck sooner or later responded to the meme, telling the BBC it turned into an awesome lesson in not speak throughout interviews along with Cavill.

“It taught me not to do interviews with Henry Cavill in which I don’t say something, and they could lay Simon and Garfunkel tracks over it,” Affleck stated. “That’s one aspect I discovered.”

Affleck’s sad boy section slowly misplaced the internet’s hobby — however, it has never been clearly forgotten. However, the Batman v Superman actor has been replaced with every other superhero-adjoining parent: Kevin Feige, the pinnacle of Marvel Studios.

Like Affleck, Feige obtained the Simon and Garfunkel treatment following an interview with FilmStarts. In the interview, Spider-Man: Homecoming producer Amy Pascal spoke about how Tom Holland’s Peter Parker should seem in Venom and different stand-alone Spider-Man movies, basically making the one’s characters a part of the MCU. Feige, who had just closing week given a unique answer, appeared on with a clean expression on his face.

It didn’t take long for human beings to point out simply how unhappy Feige looks inside the interview — no longer not like Affleck’s face in his personal interview — and the numerous remixes and GIFs to start springing up.

As of right now, the only character being shared through the two studios — in keeping with their arrangement — is Spider-Man. Homecoming is a Sony movie that Marvel has the whole innovative manager over. Future installments of Marvel films, such as the imminent Avengers: Infinity War, will big-name Spider-Man. However, Sony received have any say in what the man or woman does. There’s still no affirmation if Holland’s Peter Parker will appear in Destiny stand on my own films, like Venom and Silver & Black, for Sony.

Whether or now not Feige becomes surely sad during that particular second within the interview is, of direction, unknown. However, he does appear pressured, at least. Again, that makes experience considering that Feige lately showed characters like Venom could don’t have anything to do with the MCU, despite Pascal’s affirmation that they would all exist in a comparable international.

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