Mugshots, also called booking photographs, are taken when an individual is booked and processed into jail or a similar correctional holding facility. The primary purpose of Texas mugshots is to enable law enforcement and correctional staff to identify offenders. Unfortunately, this purpose of identifying for law enforcement is no longer the only purpose of mugshots.


online industry with them. These groups collect mugshots they find posted online via jailhouse facilities or submit a Freedom of Information Act appeal to get all the recent mugshots in a county. They then post those mugshots along with pertinent identifying information, such as the individual’s name, physical details, and location, and create sub-pages on a website with all of that information linked.

An individual’s name is listed prominently and included in meta-data on the sub-pages, sometimes even as part of the sub-page’s direct URL address. In doing so, the web hosts can “tie” these sub-pages with an individual’s identity. So whenever someone does a Google search for that individual’s information, the results will include this mugshot website listing out all the crimes and booking photographs of the individual.

This has some obvious negative results. If the person listed is trying to find a job, join a community group, apply for housing, and so much more, these booking photographs can really taint their image and even cause opportunities to get denied. Even more frustrating, these websites earn money off of the traffic of people to view your sensitive information.

erase mugshots from websites. The Texas state legislature has passed a state law that requires these online mugshot companies to erase mugshots from their websites and publications if certain non-disclosure requests are made. This and other laws do require a lot of paperwork, but that’s where our team at Erase Mugshots excels.

Not only do we get these unscrupulous mugshot companies to take down this information legally, but we also notify Google and all other search engines quickly and effectively. These requests work to stop your name from showing up in tandem with the mugshot website.

reputation monitoring. This means we constantly check and run searches on your name in the weeks and months following our work to erase mugshots online. This type of regular monitoring allows us to catch new instances of your name and mugshot. Such as if another company tried to upload after we got it taken down. Our team then can act swiftly before those new uploads even get indexed on Google.

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